Does Your Heart Have a Room for a Foster Child?


Foster a child; change their lives. Not all of us are lucky to be born into a loving and happy family. There are a lot of children who suffered a lot from their family due to many reasons. It is not their fault that they are born into a family that can be abusive and cruel. Some children will find themselves in foster homes because of tragedy. And some are already an orphan.

Each foster child has their unique story, same as each foster parent has their humbling reason why they foster. For one, they want to change lives by giving these children hope. Others will do this because they were once a foster kid too.

In our foster care in Crown Point, Indiana, there are five reasons a child will end up under our care.

  • Neglect from parents or guardians is the top reason.
  • Drug abuse by their parent is the second reason, some even due to both drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Their caretaker is unable to cope
  • Physical abuse is also a rampant cause

Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. helps these children and their families by providing them hope. Our foster kids services offer home and community-based services. Under our services, we aim to support and sustain their highest potential in their development.

If you want to be a foster parent in Indiana, contact us. Let us give these children the love, care, and home that they deserve. Be with us in our mission to make their lives better. Open your heart to welcome them into your home.

For more details about us, feel free to continue browsing our website. Should you have further concerns, give us a call.

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