Giving every child a family

Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. provides home studies to evaluate homes for adoption, foster care, or relative placement under the state-approved family assessment tool through SAFE (Structured Analysis Family Evaluation). This will guide us to understand family structures and to determine if the applicant’s family and their living environment will suit the child.

The process involves information-gathering, including questionnaires, interviews, compatibility inventories, to determine areas, such as:

  • Personal characteristics
  • Child care practices
  • Extended family relationships
  • Social or history background for each adult and child
  • The current state of the family
  • The motivation for a child
  • Child safety and well-being
  • Documentation of any previous emotional, or mental issues, substance abuse, marital problems
  • Medical/Physical records
  • Evaluations of the applicants’ knowledge to care for children

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 219-961-2560.

Joyful single parent sitting in between adopted child and son at table in park