Understanding Difficult Behavior In Foster Kids

Understanding Difficult Behavior In Foster Kids

It is common for children and adolescents under foster care in Crown Point, Indiana to exhibit some challenging behaviors. These could be withdrawing from their foster siblings and foster parents, or lashing out. We understand how frustrating this can be, so Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. is here to help you understand why your child is behaving the way they are.

Your foster child is likely to have come from situations that consisted of extreme physical abuse, neglect, parental mental health issues, and parents with substance abuse problems. It would make sense why your foster kid is displaying similar behaviors that they learned from their parents.

Because these youngsters under Foster Kids Services didn’t grow up in a comforting, nurturing, loving, and secure environment, the concept of love and warmth are alien to them. As a foster parent in Indiana, the only way you can help them is to provide them with a “therapeutic environment”. But what does that mean?

This means that you need to learn how to appropriately respond to situations involving your foster child. You need to be aware of your own triggers and issues so you can avoid responding to your child’s behavior out of your own insecurities, biases, or ego.

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