Top Reasons Why Children Enter Foster Care

Top Reasons Why Children Enter Foster Care

There are times when their circumstances and surroundings make it difficult for them to grow up healthily and safely. In such cases, social workers will have to intervene by removing the child from their biological family and placing them in foster care in Crown Point, Indiana.

Here are some of the top reasons why social workers need to remove children from their biological parents’ care and entrust them to a foster parent in Indiana:

  • Physical and sexual abuse
    Parents who expose their children to physical and sexual harm will be deprived of the right to care for their little ones.
  • Physical, emotional, or medical neglect
    If a child has emotionally abusive parents, they may be better off becoming a foster child. The same is true if the child is not living in a clean environment or if they are deprived of medical care that will put them in danger.
  • Incarceration, abandonment, or death
    Children who are dropped off somewhere and are never picked up after a certain time enter foster care due to abandonment. Children also enter foster care if their parents died or are imprisoned.
  • Voluntary placement
    There are cases when parents volunteer for out of home placement for their child. The most usual case is when the parent is suffering from mental or physical health conditions that make them unable to properly care for their little one.

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