The Different Types of Foster Care

The Different Types of Foster Care

All families go through bumps in life, some more than others. There is a wide range of factors that cause parents to be unable to care for their own child/children. When this happens, foster kids services like us work closely with the court to find adequate temporary out-of-home placement for the child.

To experience a good life filled with learning and growth, a foster child needs the support of a loving family who is willing to help them and give them all the support in this time of great need.

Each child is unique, and this is why there are different types of foster care to address the needs of the child:

  • Relative/kinship care.
    A foster parent in Indiana isn’t always a random stranger, sometimes it could be a cousin, an aunt, or even a grandparent.
  • Non-related Kin (NRKIN).
    If the child doesn’t have any immediate relatives to take them in, the next choice is a close family friend, a teacher, a fellow church member, or even a kind neighbor.
  • Traditional foster care.
    This type of care involves individuals who have met the requirements to become foster parents. These are individuals who have completed training to become the best foster parent to a child. Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. is an example of an organization that helps bring children to qualified foster families.

If you want to learn more about Foster Care in Crown Point, Indiana, give us a call. Just dial 219-961-2560 to reach us.

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