The Best Way to Teach Discipline to Foster Children

The Best Way to Teach Discipline to Foster Children

Corporal punishment isn’t the best when it comes to teaching discipline to a foster child. These children have likely suffered abuse and neglect in their biological families. However, teaching discipline is also part of raising functional and responsible adults, so how do you discipline a child under foster care in Crown Point, Indiana?

Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. will share a few tips you can use to discipline your foster kid when they break the rules or do something wrong. Take a look:

  • Redirection. If your foster child likes to pick on their siblings, you can try redirecting their attention to a different activity in another room.
  • Timeout. This method may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it works. This is done when a parent puts their child on a “time-out chair” or have them face the wall for a certain time limit. But for children in foster kids services, it would be best that you consult with their therapist if time-outs aren’t harmful to their mental well-being.
  • Get a professional involved. As a foster parent in Indiana, it is only natural that you want your child to grow up with the right attitude and values. So if they display behaviors that are getting too much for you to handle, don’t worry, there are specialists who can help.

If you need help with your foster child, don’t hesitate to approach us. We’ve got your back!

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