Is It Okay to Homeschool My Foster Child?


Deciding whether to homeschool your foster kid or not can be difficult. As a parent, the instinct of wanting to give them the best will always kick in. School season is about to start, and the pressure is on. Homeschooling has been becoming a trend nowadays. However, schools are slowly getting back to face-to-face classes.

There are a lot of factors to consider when you are an affiliate to foster kids services. As a general rule, foster children are to attend public schools. However, as an exception, some states allow foster children to attend a non-traditional school setting.

However, if you are a foster parent in Indiana, you should also consider the situation of your foster child. The idea of homeschooling will depend on you and the child. Also, consider the following before making the final decision:

  • Their age is a determining factor to homeschool them. If your foster child has experienced going to a traditional school, they might not want to homeschool.
  • Ask their opinion. Older foster children may want to retain their typical classroom setting. They may also want to stay in school to maintain relationships they have built with friends.
  • If you see that they are struggling socially in school, then the decision of transitioning them to a homeschool setting may be great for them.

There is still a lot to consider. To learn more about the facts and requirements of homeschooling in Indiana, visit

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