How the Foster Care System Helps Children

How the Foster Care System Helps Children

Children may be taken into protective custody by the state for various reasons. Frequently it is due to forms of abuse and neglect. Because of this, they may suffer from problems such as childhood trauma and chronic medical problems before they are sent for out of home placement.

Foster kids services are important as they help foster children with the following:

  • Developing a sense of normalcy and identity as part of the family unit
    They are able to develop healthy emotional intimacy, trust, self-esteem, and valuable life skills
  • Being given a teacher or mentor
    They can learn responsibility, teamwork, commitment, and the virtue of good role models.
  • The feeling of being important to someone
    Unlike their previous experience of feeling unloved, they are able to believe that someone cares for them.

This is why being a foster parent can be a challenging role that comes with its own set of joys. Would you like to be a foster parent in Indiana? We at Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. can help you.

We are a provider of foster care in Crown Point, Indiana. We offer services such as foster parent training, therapy, aftercare, case management, and others.

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