How Long Does Short-Term Fostering Last?

How Long Does Short-Term Fostering Last?

There are many types of out of home placement, and one of the most important ones is short-term fostering. This is the type of fostering that provides shelter for babies or children who are unable to remain in their biological home and the authorities are still looking for a relative or a long-term foster family for them.

So, how long does short-term foster care in Crown Point, Indiana lasts? Here are some points to consider:

  • Emergency
    For emergency cases, a foster parent in Indiana will provide shelter overnight or for a couple of days until the authorities can find long-term placement for the little one.
  • Emergency Incentive
    This particular fostering is provided for higher need kids. This is a night to night placement for them. The children will be in the foster family’s care until a standard or a therapeutic home is found for them.
  • Respite
    When a foster family needs help taking care of the child they are fostering, then another foster family can offer respite. The time frame for the fostering is predetermined.
  • Temporary
    Temporary placement is a short-term fostering that is open for short-term care or emergency care that’s a bit longer than the night-to-night basis.

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