Helping a Child Cope With Separation Anxiety


From a social services standpoint, an out-of-home placement may be beneficial to a child, or children. However, the sudden change in the environment can result in feelings of fear and anxiety. This is natural because even adults even find it difficult to adjust to a new and alien environment.

Separation anxiety is an even bigger issue for children who have been through multiple foster homes or foster kids services. It’s normal for them to feel lost or even alone, especially after building a bond with one foster family only to be taken away and placed in the care of another.

As a foster parent in Indiana, it is your role to try and ease these feelings of fear and anxiety as much as possible. Here are a few ways that you can help smoothen your foster kid’s transition to your care:

  • Don’t hide the reality by assuring them that everything’s going to be alright. Instead, your best approach is to assume a listener’s role. Let them vent out their feelings when they want to.
  • Let them open up to you about their personal concerns about the foster arrangement. Make sure that you give them a definite answer to ease their anxiety.
  • Slowly integrate them into your family. Assign them responsibilities. Bond together with them so they can feel accepted.
  • Allow them to observe how you deal positively with your anxieties as well. They’ll surely pick up ideas that can help them.

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