Help, My Little Cutie Hates Bath Time

Help, My Little Cutie Hates Bath Time

The hygiene issues of your foster child won’t be easy to deal with. We understand that you’re at your wit’s end, but it’s important to remember that the hygiene issues your foster kid has are most likely brought by neglect and abuse from their biological family.

As a foster parent in Indiana, we know you only want your foster child to be clean and safe from illnesses brought by bacteria in dirt. So Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. will share a few tips on how you can help your little tot overcome their fear and dislike for bathtime:

  • Empathize. It’s easy to get annoyed and lash out at a disobedient child, but things are different for youngsters under foster care in Crown Point, Indiana. Your child may have hygiene issues due to abuse and the bathroom being the main location where the abuse took place.

    Instead of forcing them into the bathtub or shower area, try finding ways to make this activity fun and comforting. You can try using reassuring words and actions to show them that they are safe with you. It will take a while, but they will eventually warm up.

  • Boost their self-esteem. A child brought into foster kids services may not have been taught the importance of self-care. If this is the case with your child, you should focus on ways that can help boost their self-esteem and show them the importance and benefits of taking care of themselves.

    It will take time. Solving hygiene issues in foster children doesn’t happen overnight. But with a bit of hard work, creativity, and imagination, things will eventually work out.

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