Foster Parenting: Home Safety Requirements to Meet

Foster Parenting: Home Safety Requirements to Meet

Your love for children and passionate heart to care for them may not be enough for you to become a foster mom or dad. You also need to pay attention as to whether or not you’ve met the basic home safety requirements the state has set.

Here are some of the home safety requirements you should know if you want to become a foster parent in Indiana:

  • Bedroom Space
    A child should have a bedroom with enough space that’s healthy and safe for him or her. As per the state, the bedroom must have no less than 50 sq. ft. of space per occupant.
  • Pets and Water Hazards
    Foster kids services will check if you have pets and pools in your home and assess their danger level. They will then recommend safeguard measures you’ll have to follow.
  • Home Fixtures
    Before entrusting you with a child’s foster care in Crown Point, Indiana, the authorities will check your home fixtures. Outlets must be covered. Wall fixtures must be fixed securely. Knives, matches, and cleaning materials must be inaccessible to children. The authorities will put the child’s safety above all else, so you must pass this rigorous assessment before you can foster a child.

Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy out of home placement for children. Please send us a message if you have inquiries about our services.

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