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Children in foster care have high rates of attachment and trust issues and are at risk for mental health and behavioral problems associated with the removal from their biological homes. That’s why Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. provides comprehensive therapy services to help children cope with post-placement trauma and help families strengthen their relational bonds.

With a team of dedicated staff members, we will strive to improve each child’s health and well-being, helping them towards adoption, reunification, and other permanency options.

Comprehensive services include:

  • Psychology and positive behavior support
  • Individual therapy for the child
  • Family therapy (foster, biological, and adoptive)
  • Group therapy
  • Parent training groups
  • Crisis intervention
  • Family support and rehabilitation
  • Case management
  • Collateral support
  • Medication evaluation and monitoring

These services are delivered in a caring and compassionate environment, with our equally compassionate therapists. They will utilize therapeutic interventions to achieve each child’s overall success.

If you need more answers about our therapy services, please feel free to contact us.

Joyful single parent sitting in between adopted child and son at table in park