Assessing Readiness for Reunification

Assessing Readiness for Reunification

Families should be together. However, life may have given challenges that make the situation complicated. Foster Care in Crown Point, Indiana is specially provided to address the needs of the children in this difficult situation. While Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. believes in the value of a family, we understand the need for the family members to be ready.

While the parents are assessing their readiness, they do not need to worry about their children in Foster Kids Services. With our Out of home placement considers the overall wellbeing of the child.

A trusted Foster Parent in Indiana is currently taking care of their needs. Understandably, the parents will long for their children. In this situation, the action to improve on is within their hands – for their child to no longer be considered a Foster child.

When are families ready to be together again? Here are only a few of the questions that must be addressed to ensure the wellbeing of a Foster kid.

  • Considering Major Abuse – was there a major or even an instance of abuse to a child (or any other child), and what is the confirmed significant change this time?
  • Safety Plan – is a safety plan available during contact visits? What must be changed before a child is considered safe during contact?
  • Nurturing Environment – was the parent or guardian able to provide a stable and nurturing environment for the child in the past? What improvement is certain now?

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