A Foster Child’s Common Losses You Must Know

A Foster Child’s Common Losses You Must Know

What is your main reason why you entered into foster kids services? Is it because a lot has been doing it? Is it because it is beneficial to you? Or with the purest heart, you want to help these children?

The main goal and reason should be why a person will acquire a foster kid are that you want to help the kid to heal. You want to be the instrument that will show them love and care because the loss that they have experienced can significantly impact their behavior and attachment to the foster family.

Though Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. can help you and the child to recover and transition through the programs we offer, it is still best that you, as a foster parent, should know the kinds of losses that they experience. The following are the common losses that foster kids often experience:

  • loss of continuity
  • loss of control
  • loss of trust in adults
  • loss of innocence
  • loss of worth

To know and understand more about these losses and how to handle them, our team, as a provider of foster care in Crown Point, Indiana can help you with this. We are here to guide you and the child along the way. Because the loss they are experiencing is not the whole story, the plot can still twist, and you can be that person that will bring them redemption and hope.

If you want to be a foster parent in Indiana, engage with our services. We can help you with the process. Let us together help these kids recover and show them our deeper level of understanding and empathy. Call us now for more information.

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